Origin and application significance of silicone bracelet

Origin and application significance of silicone bracelet Silicone bracelets (silicone bracelets, silicone wrist bands) were first popular in the United States. The first silicone bracelet in the world is yellow


“LIVESTRONG”. The common goal of all people who wear this bracelet is to fight diseases and cancer and make their lives stronger! Since then, due to the advantages of environmental protection, innocuity and tasteless, good elasticity and easy wearing, the silicone bracelet has gradually developed into a popular ornament, which is deeply loved by young friends, and now this popularity has spread all over the world. The story of silicone bracelet: You will find that there is a trend of wearing “inspirational wristbands”


among fashionable people. Especially for young people, this colorful “inspirational wristband” with inspirational words is not only fashionable but also can inspire a positive attitude towards life. Therefore, it was welcomed by young people as soon as it was launched. Nowadays, wearing colorful wristbands has become a loud declaration in support of charity. In order to support the Special Olympic Games held in Shanghai in 2007, Yao Ming, the brand image ambassador of McDonald’s and the little NBA giant, shouted “Don’t underestimate your declaration”. Yao Ming engraved his words on wristbands of different colors, and together with Olympic champions Guo Jingjing, peng bo, chess world champion Zhu Chen, figure skating Shen Xue, Zhao Hongbo, former gymnastics world champion Mo Huilan and other famous athletes, called on everyone to bring “inspirational wristbands” together to contribute to the Special Olympics. On the colorful wristband with eight colors, Yao Ming described eight positive attitudes towards life: blue stands for “lofty ambition”-pursuing equality, tolerance and lofty ideals, and making your life more meaningful; Green means “don’t make excuses”-it is everyone’s duty to eliminate differences and break down barriers; Pink means “unconstrained style”-imagination has always been the driving force of the world; Orange tells you “Let’s fight one-on-one”-it is more brave to challenge yourself than to challenge others; Red advocates “Lingyun’s ambition”-no matter how high you jump, you can’t jump beyond your inner Lingyun ambition; Yellow declares that “dreams are not too big”-as long as there is a dream, everything can come true. Silicone bracelets are more associated with various organizational activities, brand promotion, sports, etc. A good design can convey far-reaching significance.


Post time: Jan-10-2022