Multifunctional elastic transparent silicone elastic sleeve for food silicone fresh-keeping cov

As the most fireworks-filled place in the kitchen, it is often the source of food and happiness in life. At the same time, it also carries various sundries such as daily necessities, pots and pans, etc. If the kitchen utensils are not easy to use or incomplete, it will not only affect the mood of cooking, but also make our cooking process become hectic.


It’s every woman’s nature to visit Taobao when she has nothing to do. She often finds a lot of cheap and useful little things in Taobao, and shares them with everyone today.’ Get the kitchen under the study’ is the highest evaluation for women! Then let’s take a look at what new weapons are attacking in the kitchen. Plastic wrap is useful in every house. Do you know about silicone cover? Let’s introduce its features today:


1. First of all, it is a silicone product. The creative cover can turn the round dishes at home into fresh-keeping boxes, with good sealing effect and no water leakage, oil leakage or soup leakage.


2. It can be refrigerated in refrigerator, used in microwave oven, food-grade non-toxic materials, which can be cleaned and reused. It is more environmentally friendly than fresh-keeping paper and fresh-keeping bags, and the use cost is lower. Highly elastic, suitable for bowls of different sizes.


3, using environmentally friendly food-grade silicone material, unique characteristics, easy cleaning, high temperature and low temperature resistance, softness and comfort, strong flexibility and durability, etc., can replace the traditional PE film or other plastic wrap!


As long as you buy snacks for kitchen utensils, you can save a lot of space in the kitchen and a lot of time for the cook.



Post time: Feb-16-2022