key rings/chains Key ring, also known as key ring, key ring, key chain, key hang

key rings/chains Key ring, also known as key ring, key ring, key chain, key hang, etc. The key chains are made of metal, leather, plastic, rubber, wood and so on. This article is exquisite and small, and its shape is ever-changing. It is a daily necessities that people carry with them. A key ring is a decorative item hanging on a key ring. There are many shapes of key chains, such as cartoon shapes, brand shapes, simulation models and even CPU, etc. The materials are generally copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic and so on, mainly rust-proof elements such as nickel plating or rhodium plating on the surface of zinc alloy. Keychain has become a small gift.


Variety classification Couple buckle Couple keychain is a newly developed zinc alloy jewelry, a craft boutique promoted by brand propagandists, and a novel gift. The back can also be laser LOGO, personalized custom keychain. Uses: Commemorative promotional items for corporate brand promotion, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, school anniversary souvenirs, advertisements and other industries.


Car keychain Car keychain has become a small gift, which can be given to friends or yourself to express your heart. Commemorative buckle Fuwa is the mascot of the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. Its color and inspiration come from the Olympic rings, China’s vast mountains, rivers, lakes and seas and people’s favorite animal images. Fuwa conveys the spirit of friendship, peace, initiative and the good wish of harmony between man and nature to children all over the world. Fuwa are five lovely and close friends, whose shapes incorporate the images of fish, giant pandas, Tibetan antelope, swallows and the Olympic flame. Every doll has a catchy name: Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying and Nini. In China, overlapping names are a traditional way to express love for children. When the names of the five dolls are linked together, you will read Beijing’s warm invitation to the world “Beijing welcomes you”. Fuwa represents the dream and the desire of the Chinese people. Their prototypes and headdresses contain their connection with the sea, forest, fire, earth and sky, and their image design applies the expression of traditional Chinese art and shows the splendid Chinese culture.


Pvc soft key chains, also known as drip key chains, soft key chains, plastic key chains and micro key chains. 1)Korean materials made of pvc, DINP oil and KM31 powder are environmentally friendly pvc, and have passed the certification of not containing phthalate {phthalate (or ester)}. Soft PVC products (micro-injection) are made of imported raw materials, scientific formula and unique technology, all of which are made of nontoxic PVC soft rubber materials popular in the world. They are made of imported raw materials, scientific formula and unique technology, and the product quality has passed European toy safety standards EN71-1, EN71-2 and EN71-3. (Products sell well in European and American markets). Key ring can be used for key ring, which can be made in different shapes, sizes and specifications according to customer’s requirements, and can be printed with corporate LOGO patterns and cartoon shapes. The price is favorable, and it is an ideal gift for promotion activities of various enterprises. 2) Various effects, the surface can be plane, 2D stereo, 3D stereo, etc. Transparent oil can also be added to make it transparent and translucent; Adding fluorescent powder to make luminous; Adding essence to make it fragrant; You can also put a compass, thermometer and other trinkets. Home decoration is suitable for promotion in various industries. This product has strong stereoscopic impression, bright colors, good hand feeling, good visual effect and good decorative and advertising effects! 3) They are beautiful and elegant in shape, small and exquisite; Diversity of patterns also comes from rich imagination. Its patterns are diverse, including hearts, Christmas trees, butterflies, cartoons and small animal shapes. It is very lifelike, very cute, beautiful and generous. It is a fashionable decoration, which is deeply loved by boys and girls. Products with soft, long service life and no skin irritation are popular fashion accessories in Europe, America and other countries, and the best choice for new people, making you cool! Can be customized according to the size and shape you want, and the mold opening fee is generally not too expensive. Jewelry stores have the most materials. Disadvantages, the color is easy to become dull. PMMA That is, plexiglass, which is divided into imported materials and domestic materials, is hollow and solid, is transparent, and color paper can be put in the middle; The hardness of acrylic determines the wear degree of keychain. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic has the following advantages besides unparalleled high brightness: good toughness and not easy to be damaged; Strong repairability, as long as the soft foam is dipped in toothpaste, the sanitary ware can be wiped clean; Soft texture, no cold and biting feeling in winter; Bright colors can meet the individual pursuit of different tastes. The basins, bathtubs and toilets made of acrylic are not only exquisite in style and durable in use, but also have the function of environmental protection, and their radiation lines are almost the same as those of human bones.

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