According to experts, 10 best sex toys for couples

Single player games are good (like, really good), but couple sex toys can take things to a whole new level. Whether you like vibrators, dildos, cock rings, butt plugs, G-spot (or P-spot) massagers-there will be a sex toy that is suitable for you and your partner to play with dolls. And, if you and your partner have a habit of sex (or if you are not!), adding new elements to the mix can make things more interesting and exciting.
“Playing with adult toys can help you improve the bedroom experience,” said Megan Harrison, a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) at Couples Candy. “For some couples, a sex toy may be enough to ignite the spark they have been missing. For others, sex toys can be a way to turn sexual fantasies into reality.”
Finding the perfect sex toy for you and your partner requires some research. It also depends on your personal preferences and personal comfort. Remember: communication is an important aspect of any relationship, so you must talk to them before assuming that your partner can add sex toys to the mix.
“Open communication is essential,” Harrison said. “Not knowing what you want can make you both feel awkward, insecure, or even upset. Being open to your partner’s sexual preferences and desires will undoubtedly increase the intimacy between you, especially if this open attitude If you get something in return.”
Before you go shopping spree (I mean, absolutely still do), you should understand and consider some things, such as price, materials, lubricants, etc.
Tong lu Strapless Stap-On adopts ergonomic design and nine powerful vibration modes. It is also waterproof, can be used in the shower, and can be charged via USB, so you and your partner never have to worry about buying batteries.
“For couples who have vaginas, strapless dildos can add some fun to the bedroom,” Graveris said. “If you are not familiar with strapping sex or do not have strong pelvic muscles, I recommend that you strap the toy to a reliable and comfortable seat belt like Spareparts Joque,” Graveris adds. “If you do not use a seat belt, please insert the bulbous end into your body, hold it tight, and then slide the dildo into your lady. It is angled for happiness and has a bullet atmosphere that will make your partner feel Satisfy.”
Ohnut is not so much an intimate wearable device as it is a sex toy, but this small device basically saved my sex life. It works as follows: Ohnut slides onto your partner’s shaft or dildo and acts as a barrier. In this way, you can control the penetration depth. (This device is suitable for people with painful intercourse. I suffer from endometriosis and bladder pain syndrome, so this wearable device is perfect for me!)

You can use any number of rings-it has four; I usually use three. It is also fun to use Ohnut during foreplay, just lubricate your partner, put the ring on, and then stroke the ring up and down. Quick note: You cannot use Ohnuts without lubricating oil. Use water-based lubricants instead of silicone lubricants! Silicone lubricants will decompose silicone toys.
CalExotics Original Accommodator (a big bite!) is basically a dildo that can be strapped to the opponent’s face. It is available in natural and black colors and is 5 inches long. Tatyana Dyachenko, CEO and founder of Peaches and Screams, said: “This facial strap allows you to explore new dimensions of penetration.” “It is specially designed so you can wear it on your face, which means you It can penetrate and stimulate the clitoris of women with the tongue. This is the perfect toy for hands-free games.”
The tonglu portable finger vibrator is ideal for the climax of the journey. It comes in bright pink and neon purple colors, and is equipped with a powerful and quiet mini bullet motor. (This is just some warm and discreet fun that couples need!) It is also waterproof and rechargeable via USB, so you and your partner can enjoy it again and again without the need for batteries.
“If you have concerns about toys, start with something simple, such as finger vibrators. They are not very expensive and easy to use, making them perfect toys for beginners,” said Dyachenko. “Once you get used to it, you can start adding new toys. It’s all about trying to see what you and your partner like and dislike. The only way to find the answer is to try them.”
Satisfyer Love Triangle uses air pulse technology to give you an exciting orgasm. (I have one, and it is now one of my three favorites.) It is also controlled by the app and is perfect for multiplayer games. Like most of Satisfyer’s toys, Love Triangle is stylish, rechargeable via USB, and waterproof. It has 11 pressure wave intensities, 10 vibration settings, a 15-year warranty and a fabric storage bag.

Zumio is unique in that it uses rotation instead of vibration to provide precise stimulation. It also has a sophisticated SpiroTip that can be rotated in circles to help users achieve orgasm. Zumio is very suitable for two-player and single-player games. There are four models to choose from: Zumio X (circular rotation mode/higher intensity), Zumio E (elliptical rotation mode/high intensity, Zumio S (circular rotation mode/intensity) Lower) and Zumio I (elliptical rotation/diffusion stimulation).
“It’s quiet and compact, but still has a lot of power,” wrote an Amazon reviewer. “My wife and I have been looking for something as powerful as her Hitachi wand, which will not hinder my work. This is the first device that can replace it.”
Tong Lu is an app-controlled toy for couples with 10 preset vibration modes. (It also provides users with the option to create custom patterns through the We-Connect app.) If you are in a long-distance relationship, the We-Connect app allows the other person to control the vibrator of their smartphone in the following ways from anywhere in the world.
“For heterosexual and same-sex couples, you can start exploring the partner’s vibrator,” Graveris said. “Tong Lu is an app-controlled vibrator that can hit the G point of the vagina owner or the P point of the penis owner. You can let your partner control it through the button of the toy or the We-Connect app The different vibration patterns and patterns of the toy, thus adding one or two to the cooperative game process.”
Tong Lu is not only suitable for G-spot/P-spot stimulation. If the toy is too hard to bend, Graveris recommends using the toy on your partner’s clitoris.
LELO Sona 2 Cruise is not exactly a toy for couples, but it can definitely be used as a toy. I know because I have used it many times. A word of caution: this toy can be very intense, so you need to warm up before using it. (However, this is true for any sex toy. But, seriously, there is some power behind this thing.) LELO Sona 2 Cruise is a clitoral sucking vibrator, but it can be used on the head of the penis or the testicles. (It will give your partner a new, tingling sensation!)
All LELO toys are very unique and come with stylish boxes. Each LELO toy also includes a satin storage bag. Sona 2 Cruise is rechargeable, has 12 pulsation settings, and is made of ultra-soft, body-safe silicone.
When you are in a long distance relationship, finding new ways of intimacy can be difficult. So, if you feel that your hands will fall due to manual stimulation, or you are worried that your partner is unhappy during your sexy speech, you may want to consider investing in sex toys designed for long-distance couples.
“For long-distance couples, there are not many options for staying close when separated, and there are only so many times to send text messages, phone sex, or have sex in video chats before they lose excitement,” said the founder of Enduring. In particular, The Distance, a remote relationship consulting website and community. “There is also a certain degree of connection or physicality that they cannot replicate. Sex toys, especially those that can be paired together, are a good way to enhance the intimacy and physical connection of LDR couples.”
Max 2 is an innovative and realistic male masturbator. It can be controlled by the user’s smartphone or their partner’s smartphone, no matter how many miles there are between the two. As far as the masturbation kit is concerned, Max 2 is quite advanced-users can control vibration settings (low, medium, high, pulse, wave, fireworks, and earthquake) and contraction settings (subtle, mild, deep) through their smartphone. What’s cooler? When paired with the Nora Original Bluetooth Bunny Vibrator, Max 2 will respond to your actions and send feedback to your partner!
“From Lovense, we [Nate and his wife Lolo] recommend their couple to set up Max 2 and Nora,” Nate said. “This is a great set for long-distance couples who want to test/bring connected sex toys into the bedroom-they are also the most affordable couple sets,” he continued. “Max 2 uses a vibrating motor and an air pump to simulate vaginal contractions, and these contractions increase as Nora’s insertion speed increases.”
“From Kiiroo, we recommend their Onyx+ & Pearl 2 couple suit,” Nate said. “Onyx+ is an automatic tapping device that uses contraction rings instead of vibrating motors. These rings contract in up and down motions to simulate stroking/coital intercourse,” Nate continued. “The speed at which they shrink depends on the speed at which the Pearl 2 is inserted. The vibration pattern of the Pearl 2 can be controlled by using the touchpad on the front of the Onyx+.

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