15 suction vibrators in 2021 provide excellent clitoral stimulation

What is not like clitoral suction vibrator? These ingenious sex toys are designed to imitate oral sex through non-contact air technology, small and quiet, allowing you to get the strongest orgasms (even hands-free). Fortunately, we have many options. Although Womanizer was one of the first vaginal toys to gain cult status (especially in the early days of the pandemic, when casual sex was prohibited), most brands now have their own versions.
As the name suggests, clitoral suction vibrators and toys are small tools that only focus on stimulating the clitoris through air technology and pulsation. Some brands have their own patented technology to simulate real transactions (oral sex), so the technology itself may vary from toy to toy. Most importantly, unlike other types of toys, you don’t need direct contact to experience clitoral stimulation. “‘Pleasure Air’ toys — for example, Womanizer, We-Vibe, Romp — use soft air bursts to create a kind of feeling like suction, but also like licking and kissing, a little bit of pressure,” sexologist Jess O’Reilly The doctor, the host of the Podcast on Sex with Dr. Jess, told Glamour. “It’s not actually sucking the clitoral head, but wrapping around the area to provide indirect stimulation.”
Air impulse toys usually do not stimulate the vulva through vibration (although some have vibration options). “Vibrators are usually designed to press directly on the clitoris head, while clitoral toys are usually designed to sit around the head,” O’Reilly said. However, similar to other toys, rechargeable suction toys still need to be charged and cleaned. Many also have a waterproof body that can be taken into the bathtub or shower.
These toys are very suitable for people who use vibrators for the first time, especially those who are not used to skin contact or vulvar friction. “These clitoral toys are great for beginners, because many toys are designed to fit the clitoral head to provide indirect stimulation,” O’Reilly said, noting that some toys also come with accessories to customize the experience more easily: “For example, Womanizer The toy has interchangeable heads, so you can choose the right size.”
Like all sex toys, it is a matter of personal preference. Although some people think this feeling is very delicious, others think it is too strong. Finding the perfect sex toy is a Goldilocks situation: some toys may be too many and some are not enough, but through experimentation, you will find one that is just right.
Taylor Sparks, the erotic educator and founder of Organic Loven, instructs: “Adjust the fit around the clitoris. Depending on your sensitivity, a lighter or more fitted style is more suitable for you. Start with a slight suction, because the clitoris [is believed to have] 8,000 nerve endings.” She emphasized that the key is to know how much you can and want to handle.

She adds that you can usually hold the handle with your hand or thigh while inserting it from behind (if you have partner sex). “When using a toy on your clitoris, you can also pierce it from behind, if you are in the position of a dog, or stimulate your vulva with your partner’s fingers or tongue to add extra stimulation and excitement,” Sparks said.
Sophia Alexandra, co-founder and co-host of the sex podcast Private Parts Unknown, told Glamour that people should “start from the bottom” and added, “Some of these toys can be very strong for the pleasure of the first purchase , Or if you’ve never used a toy specifically designed for the clitoris.”
And just because these toys are non-contacting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use lubricants. “Come on, baby!” said the lover Courtney Kocak, the other half of Private Parts Unknown. “These toys are designed to be used with lubricants, which can make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable-unlike you are having sex with a piece of plastic.” Here are a variety of popular suction sex toys recommended by experts.
Every expert we interviewed talked about the Womanizer, which is one of the most popular clitoral suction toys on the market today (it is also one of the best vibrators if you don’t want penetration). “The Tonglu product completes the Pleasure Air technology and is a very famous name, so most people choose it first,” Sparks told Glamour. Tonglu has several different types of clitoral sucking vibrators, but Premium Eco is its first model designed with environmentally friendly, renewable materials. It is also suitable for the clitoris, with 12 intensity levels for you to use, and a long handle for easy control of your riding.
Tonglu Duo is an iteration of Tonglu rabbit vibrator, providing double the fun and double the fun. Duo is designed with a curved shaft for insertion, using Tonglu patented Pleasure Air technology (essentially pressurized air in contact with the vulva) to simultaneously stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris. The shaft can vibrate at 12 different intensity levels (whether you like a slight hum or a deep rumble), and is ergonomically designed to hit the G point just right.

The difference between Tonglu Liberty and similar products is its two (!) stimulator heads, which allow you to customize the Pleasure Air flow around the vulva. Oh, and it is also a candy pink and orange tone co-designed by singer Lily Allen (we think it’s hard to miss!). Most importantly, Liberty comes with a travel protective cover, so you can store it carefully in your carry-on luggage, and you can charge it almost anytime and anywhere because it can be charged via USB.
If you are looking for a more affordable (but equally powerful) clitoral suction toy, O’Reilly recommends Romp Shine. There are 10 intensity levels to switch, and an elegant, graspable handle makes it easy to accurately position the pressurized air. Although the suction is strong, if you want to keep your antics from letting your roommates know, this toy is also very quiet, and it also has a waterproof body!
We-Vibe’s Melt sucker toy is another clitoral sucker favorite recommended by O’Reilly. It is silent and waterproof, using Pleasure Air technology to provide pressurized airflow and gently massage the clitoris. If you are in a long-distance relationship and want to play some game time from a distance, this is also a great toy: We-Vibe’s We-Connect app allows couples to easily control the toy from a distance and preset everything they feel good about Preference.
This is definitely a love triangle that we don’t mind being entangled together. As one of the newest suction toys on the market, this stylish gadget “is a pleasure because it combines air suction technology and deep vibration,” Sparks said Charm. She added that once synchronized with the Satisyfer app, it can be used alone or with partners (near, far, wherever they are). It has two motors that operate independently of each other, providing 11 air pulse intensity levels and 10 vibration modes, so you can completely plan your own orgasm journey.
Lora DiCarlo’s innovative Osé 2 toy double G-spot massager provides the best of both worlds, with clitoral suction that can be stimulated internally and externally. “In addition to the pleasant air technology that stimulates the clitoral mask, it can also vibrate along the clitoral’legs’,” Sparks said. The Osé 2 material has a bendable and flexible body, which means it is very compatible with all bodies, and it uses waterproof materials that can be completely immersed in water. The axis provides three different strokes, targeting the G-spot pleasure, while the airflow technique is responsible for stimulating the clitoris.
Dame’s minimalist clitoral suction toys may seem simple, but they are still equally powerful. Take Dame Aer as an example, it pulses in five different ways and five different intensities. The opening on the top of the toy is designed to mimic the soft sucking of the mouth (it helps the silicone material to be silky smooth for added comfort).
This chick-shaped sex toy may look like a children’s collection, but I believe it has some powerful atmosphere. Emojibator’s first suction toy has eight vibration settings (yes, it vibrates and sucks, two in one!), and eight suction modes that stimulate and pulsate simultaneously. This one is recommended by Kocak. He told Glamour that it is “approachable in terms of price and aesthetics”, with a detachable head to keep the mouthpiece clean, “so you can put this tit in your pocket Inside, and be prepared when the horny strikes.” And reward: This little duck is waterproof, very cute, and can be placed next to the bathtub (if you share the bathroom with your child, you may put it within reach) .
If you are already familiar with some of Lelo’s more popular products (such as Soraya 2 or Ora 3), you may want to try its suction options. What makes Sona stand out from other suckers is that it uses sound waves (the brand claims to provide more orgasm accumulation). Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, professor of human sexuality, told Glamour that this is one of her favorite toys. She said, “The powerful sound waves it generates can penetrate deeply, not only stimulating the outer part of the clitoris, but also the inner part of the clitoris. Get a complete clitoral experience.”
As one of Lelo’s newest and hottest toys, Enigma is another double-suction toy that can also stimulate G-spots. “For those who like to use suction to penetrate the sensation,” Vrangalova said, “Lelo just launched Enigma, which combines Sona’s clitoral suction with Soraya’s G-spot stimulation vibration to produce a truly exciting orgasm.” Enigma Quiet and powerful, it offers eight fun settings to choose from.
As part of Ella Paradis’s internal product line, this budget-friendly toy with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery is one of its most popular toys (in fact, it has been sold out many times). It has 10 suction vibrations and a button to power the entire device. Ella Paradis claimed that this toy “guaranteeed any woman to reach orgasm” and was supported by reviews.
“I just want to say that this is my favorite new toy, and I think everyone should feel its impact on you,” one critic wrote. Another satisfied customer claimed that this is a suitable substitute for her ex-boyfriend: “I swear I thought I was a girl with many orgasms, but once I tried the butterfly, I knew CLIMAXX! Do yourself a favor and give you one .” Okay, it’s sold.
Satisfyer Pro 2 is another toy strongly recommended by Alexandra. The wallet is very convenient and worthy of the name. It offers 11 pressure wave settings, and the head is quieter and more discreet than its predecessor. Satisfyer convincingly described the sensation of Pro 2 as “a warm, gentle but direct acupressure for the clitoris, gradually increasing in intensity until you can feel it all over your body.” The people also have something to say. One critic wrote: “This is the best thing ever. The best orgasm I have ever had.”
Without this famous vibrator on the Internet, any summary of clitoral suction toys would not be complete. This is another double toy that stimulates the clitoris and G-spot through its curved shaft and suction head. When the clitoris is affected by pressurized air, the vibrating shaft will hit the G point for the ultimate, exciting orgasm. This can be charged for 50 minutes, and it only takes about two and a half hours to be fully charged. Before you ask, yes, you guessed it: it is waterproof!

Sweet Vibes is a newcomer and prides itself on affordable barrier-free toys, while not stingy on quality. The uniqueness of The Girl’s Best Friend toy is that it provides 20(!!) happy settings, allowing you to go from gentle sucking to targeted intense pressure. This is really your own journey. The silicone material is safe for the body, soft to the touch, and the tip is easy to remove for cleaning. Sweet Vibes really believes in its products because it also provides a lifetime warranty. Think of it as the climax of a lifetime.

Post time: Aug-04-2021